The Peacekeepers of Worldend

warriors-of-chaos_khorne_gdesign_03.jpgThe Peacekeepers were a police force of magically-animated suits of armor in Worldend. They were empowered and controlled by the will of the Resurrector, who in turn was bound to the the service of the Malvera Family.


Peacekeepers, as their name implies, were charged with preventing any acts of violence with the city limits, except those sanctioned as part of the annual Tournament. Any fighting at all would magically summon them. As they were perceived to be indestructible, they were greatly feared by the citizens of the city, and virtually no unauthorized violence ever took place.


The Peacekeepers were rendered vulnerable after Urn Elrich unknowingly removed certain crystals from a ritual arrangement used by the Resurrector to maintain his mental control. Shortly thereafter, the party engaged in combat with one of them and discovered that the Peacekeepers were now substantially weaker. After the party killed one and his “body” landed in a public street, word of their new vulnerability spread instantly throughout the city. The citizens and other residents of Worldend, many of whom were great warriors there to participate in the Tournament, revolted immediately, slaying all the Peacekeepers before the day was out. It was during this riot that Melech and the Desertkin also invaded by airship, thus sealing the Peacekeepers’ doom and, by extension, that of the Malveras.

The Peacekeepers of Worldend

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