The Worldstorm


The Worldstorm was a mysterious event one night that affected every place on every plane of existence in the entire multiverse. It resembled a lethally violent storm, but one that was embued with too many colors. It resulted in, among other things, the party and several other people becoming lost and subsequently stranded in the Red Hook Rat.

The storm affected more than just weather, but was in fact a disturbance of the primal structure of the multiverse, caused by Mak Thuum N’gatha, the Nine-Tongued Worm, hammering on the doors of reality, trying to break through from The Far Realm, during a period of time in which the structure of the multiverse had already been thrown off-balance by the imprisonment of The Man Who Brings the Supplies, a physical manifestation of the concept of natural cycles.

The party, during their last adventure before splitting into two groups, discovered that the true nature of the Red Hook Rat made it the perfect place for a ritual to summon a being from outside the multiverse, and the true nature of The Man Who Brings the Supplies made him the perfect target, as imprisoning him without killing him would deprive the multiverse of one of its fundamental forces, thus weakening existence itself and aiding in Mak Thuum N’Gatha’s attempts to break in.

Salmon Battlebeard turned out to be responsible for a murder and an attempted murder that were committed as blood sacrifices to The Nine-Tongued Worm, a well as for capturing and incapacitating The Man Who Brings The Supplies, thus causing the Worldstorm. The party defeated Salmon and his secret Far Realm allies, and freed the Man, thus restoring balance and ending the Worldstorm.

The Worldstorm

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