The Transmogrification of Stern


The Transmogrification of Stern was an event in which the dragonborn paladin Stern, in the midst of a hopeless battle, was temporarily lent power by his own chosen god Corellon and by his peoples’ traditional god Bahamut.

The combined power of the two gods transformed Stern into a giant, crackling and glowing with godly might, and enabled him to fight toe to toe against the demon prince, Orcus. Since that day, the event has become legendary, and Stern’s name famous throughout many lands as the hero who was faithful enough for two gods, courageous enough to fight a demon, and powerful enough to win. His story inspired Born to help the party rescue him and, despite Stern’s own misgivings, Stern remains a living example of the type of warrior Born wants to become – powerful in battle but always fighting for right.

The transmogrification took place in Kalarel’s ritual chamber deep beneath Shadowfell Keep and was the divine response to The Corruption of Berensir. Had Corellon and Bahamut not gotten involved, the party would have died, and Orcus may well have conquered the world.

The Transmogrification of Stern

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