The Necklace of Sir Allius


The Necklace of Sir Allius is a small necklace with an obsidian pendant in the shape of a dragon. The symbol of the cult of Orcus is scratched into the bottom of it. The party looted the necklace from a dead kobold in the wilderness near Shadowfell Keep and Winterhaven. It was their first confirmation that a death cult of Orcus was operating nearby.

The party members found the necklace at a time when they had only just met, did not fully trust one another, and had not yet made any agreements regarding loot. As a result, the necklace became a source of some friction between the two pre-existing factions (Honest Bob and Urn Elrich on one side, Berensir, Bree and Stern on the other). Honest Bob initially pocketed it and attempted to hide it from the party. Bree suspected him of having something, and Stern intimidated him into handing it over. Surprisingly, however, Urn was able to intimidate Stern into handing it back. Late that night, as the party slept, Berensir was able to steal it from Urn’s pack.

After the necklace was in Berensir’s possession, it began to communicate with him telepathically, claiming to be an acient hero named Sir Allius, who had been trapped inside the necklace by Orcus, and asking Berensir to keep the necklace a secret from everybody. Eventually, during the party’s battle with Kalarel, “Sir Allius” asked Berensir to surrender control of his body so that Allius could perform a ritual to free himself. Berensir did so.

At this point, it was revealed that Sir Allius was not trapped in the necklace, but that Berensir had been conversing with, and surrendered control of his body to, Orcus himself. Once Orcus had control of Berensir, he performed a spell to summon himself to the Prime Material Plane via a nearby statue. Fortunately, the party was able to defeat him before he gained full strength, thus banishing him back to the Abyss.

The Necklace of Sir Allius

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