The Book of Nerath

The Book of Nerath is actually one of six tomes that bear that name, but the only one known to still exist.

The books were written 2000 years ago, at the height of the Empire of Nerath’s power, in order to preserve its most powerful knowledge for future generations. The Empire has since fallen into ruin and is all but gone, the vast territories it once ruled given over to self-governance or conquest by foreign powers.


Honest Bob was hired by the scholar Parle Cranewing to recover the book from Douven Staul, near Winterhaven. It is unknown why Cranewing wanted the tome but he never received it. Instead, the book ended up in the posession of Berensir who, while not himself, used it to summon the Demon Prince Orcus into the Prime Material Plane. After Orcus was defeated and banished again, the book was recovered by Honest Bob who, as far as anyone knows, still possesses it.

When Ramassule briefly visited the present day, she revealed that she was one of the Imperial wizards who wrote the book.

The Book of Nerath

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