A powerful minotaur warden, Born seeks honor through combat.


Born is a minotaur warden who prefers wielding warhammers and throwing hammers in order to take full advantage of his enormous strength.




Born is a twin. This is very rare among minotaurs – only one pregnancy in 20,000 results in multiple births, and most of those are stillborn. This is why, when they survived, the boys were named “Born” and “Vital.” As a result of their unusual development, however, both boys suffered from the most feared disability a free minotaur can have: the Blood Rage. While all minotaurs must struggle through the labyrinth of thoughts and emotions that keeps the balance between man and beast, those tainted with the Blood Rage find it especially difficult. Their unfettered anger causes them to lash out violently, even as children, and by adolescence, they have almost always become totally feral – thralls of the demon lord Baphomet forever.

Born and Vital’s parents lived in the free minotaur city of Atour Bamarea, hidden and isolated out in a deserted canyon country. 
Unlike many minotaur cities, where there is a constant struggle between light and darkness, Atour Bamarea was free from the influence of Baphomet for decades, until right around the time the twins were born.

As the boys nursed at their mother’s breast, a cult of Baphomet began to take root within the leadership of the city. As they grew up, the cult’s influence began to spread, slowly converting or murdering everyone who stood in their way, but always covertly, so that nothing could be proven. Born’s parents were pure of heart and had no dealings with the cult, so he and his brother were raised in a very sheltered life, purposefully distanced from what was going on around them. Their mother and father were determined that their boys would be given the tools to navigate their personal labyrinths and overcome their Blood Rage, and so they taught them the craft of the Wardens, guardians of nature, since a strong connection to the natural world is the antithesis of the monstrous influence of Baphomet. Unfortunately, the couple also loved Atour Bamerea and refused to leave the city, constantly putting their children at risk of exposure to the cult’s influence.

When he was sixteen, Vital converted.

By this time Baphomet worship was all but law in Atour Bamerea. Before long,
Born and his parents were the last free minotaurs in the city. Vital’s Blood Rage, a hindrance to a free minotaur, gave him an advantage in a society that now prized bestial fury. In addition to this, while some minotaurs lose their intelligence and become “thralls” to Baphomet, Vital chose to follow Baphomet freely, and so still has command of his faculties when not enraged. Before long, he was highly placed within the evil cult. The tension between Vital and the rest of the family came to a head when Vital led armed soldiers to their home and violently murdered his own parents. 
Born, not trusting himself to fight without succumbing to his rage, was forced to run. He is now the last survivor of his clan that is not in service to Baphomet.

Born’s only mission now is to find an honorable fight and die in it, in the futile hope that he may singlehandedly restore the honor of his clan, of which he considers himself the last true member. Minotaurs believe in a warrior’s code, where honor in battle is the highest priority, and so battle is the only way he can restore his clan. This is why he went to Worldend to fight for the championship and, while there, joined up with an even more honorable mission.

Nonetheless, he will never be free of his Blood Rage, and every time he loses his temper, it gets a little harder to get himself back under control. Every time he fights, he can feel himself slipping away a little more.

For some reason, however, he has found that the half-elf wizard Bree’s presence helps calm him. He does not understand why this is, but he has begun to associate the feeling with love.

Recently, during an encounter with Vital, Born discovered that it was actually he himself, in the midst of a rage deliberately induced by Vital, who killed their parents. This news has caused further turmoil in his emotions, making it even harder to fight against the Blood Rage.

After helping to destroy the Infernal Clock (and altering time) deep within the Tomb of Horrors, Born found himself to be a newly appointed warlord with Tsung Kahn and his 1000 man army at his beck and call.


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