A fiesty gnome alchemist trying to make sense of the universe


Benegrin is a gnomish alchemist and researcher who lives near the Swamp of Silence. He studies many forms of magic and natural phenomena including the Worldstorm, the Wheel of Law and Acerak’s Tomb of Horrors.


Currently his studies are focused on Acerak. The Daytime Group came to him at the written behest of Honest Bob, after a wraith stole Bob’s amulet from them.

Benegrin has some knowledge of the tomb but is missing the needed skull keys to access the tomb – one of which was stolen by Vital’s men and stored in a nearby guarded citadel. Benegrin has asked the party to retrieve one of the keys while he replicates another. He has recently employed Eilian the Old as a ferryman.

After the events of the Tomb of Horrors and the destruction of the Infernal Clock, Benegrin was kidnapped by Vital. His current whereabouts are unknown.


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