Aramil is a half-elf ranger/sorcerer.


Aramil is a half-elf who grew up in a small village in Aedenryl with his human mother. His father was a high elven commander of an elite magic wielding military force within the elven army called The Specters, part of the High Elves of Inderel. He had fallen in love with a human woman but kept it a secret, knowing that if his elitist people found out, he would lose respect.

Eventually, Aramil’s father had to cut off all communication with his mother, as the other elders of the elven kingdom began to suspect something was going on. This happened shortly after Aramil was born so he never knew his father…he only knew of him and that he was an elder in the elven kingdom. His mother never spoke much about his father, so he never knew his name.

When Aramil was 10 years old, his village was attacked and set ablaze by orcs. Everyone was killed, including his mother. Aramil alone survived. He thankfully had some hunting skills and natural survival instincts so he was able to fend for himself for a short while.

After only a few days in the woods hunting for food, he was attacked by another orc on the prowl. It was then that Obi-Tu emerged from the shadows and saved little Aramil. Obi-Tu had also never known his parents, and so had compassion on little Aramil. He decided to take him on as an apprentice and raise him.

From then on, Obi and Aramil fought for justice and to protect the lives of the innocent who couldn’t defend themselves. Aramil had a particular hatred for orcs because they killed his mother and his entire village, but has all but forgotten the question of his paternity.


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