Grasp of Orcus

Out of the Abyss, Session 9

Ewww... It's Slimey


The gnomes looked around the group. “It is widely believed that the Pudding King is behind this business with the slimes. He was one of us, a deep gnome. But he was insane and experimented on oozes. He disappeared a while ago, but some say that his experiments continued in the northwest. Find out what is going on, and fix it if you can. Our guards will guide you.”

The group turned and leaves. At the entrance to the room stood a cat-person with a cat on its shoulder. The catman approached the group and looked at Uroq. Uroq exclaimed, “Whoa! Whooooaaaaaah! What the fart?” The catman exitedly says, “You are Uroq?” Uroq responds, “You are from Xendar?” Uroq clapped his hand over his mouth. The catman then introduced himself as Winds of Jaquiche. Uroq whispers aside to Winds of Jaquiche to not reveal where he is from.

Winds of Jaquiche turns to his cat and tells it that it really is Uroq and surely he can help. Uroq says that the group is working on escaping the underdark. Jaq asks how long the group has been down here. Alcyce tells him weeks and asks why he is here. Jaq says that it was her idea (points to cat) and they’ve been down here for weeks too. Alcyce asks again, why are you here. The cat hisses. Jaq calms the cat whom he calls Zizi, saying that the woman is a friend of Uroq. He explains that they were following rumors of orcs, which led them to Gracklestough. They were ambushed, and many died. They were saved by some mushroom people. Rue interjects, “Myconids!”

Jaq continues on, saying that they were healed and split into groups to investigate. They found people encased alive in fungus, and a path down to a giant fungus. Larger than any castle Jaq has ever seen. Many various races were trapped in the spore. One was a paladin who spoke of a great evil. Alcyce asked who or what it is. Jaq replied that it is Zuggtmoy. Alcyce gasped, “The demon goddess of fungus?!” Jaq told how they were preparing for the fetid wedding and wish to take control of Araumycos. Jaq is not sure if it is true, but the dwarf paladin says the largest is Zu and they want control. Jimjar pipes up, saying that he knows what Zu is. It is a large fungus colony. The largest organism in the world. Jaq concludes that it would be end of not only the underdark, but of the world. Everyone agrees that something needs to be done. Jaq finishes his story by telling them that the group he was with escaped and shared intel. Some stayed and started chanting, others split up and ran off.

The group agrees to deal with slimes first, then work on myconids. Winds of Jaquiche says he will follow Uroq, prompting some to inquire about if they know each other. The group, guided by gnome guards, head to the northwest section on the map. They pause in front of large, barred doors. Alcyce casts speak with animals and talks with Zizi. “Why do you come here? And can you sense evil?” Zizi replies, “Evil is your concept.” Alcyce tries again, “Do you sense something wrong?” Zizi replies that Alcyce is simple. Jaq reprimands Zizi for being rude. Alcyce asks Zizi if she has heard of Eilistraee. Zizi ignores her and hops on Jaq’s shoulder.

After some discussion, it is decided that Rue should go first and scout. He finds the cavern filled with slimes, which cover the walls and pillars and floor. The slimes are yellows, greens, and grays. There is a sphere on top of a pillar. A voice rings out, “What’s this? Visitors? Not ready. Begone! The Faceless Lord is not ready for Blingdenstone to know!” Rue returns to the group and reports. Aramil informs the group that the Faceless Lord is the Demon Lord of Oozes.


Glabagool moves towards the room, feeling the draw of home and brotherhood. Uroq suggests trap. Auryon points out that that would make him an enemy to be fought. Alcyce checks for mind control. Glabagool still wants to go, so Uroq sings to him until he agrees to stay. While the group debated over what all of it meant, they hear a knock at the door. Turvey shouts through the door that he say Rue and they need to let him out. Rue asks Abrioxiell to check his brain. Abrioxiell says he is sad, but sane. They heal Turvey, who is in poor shape, burnt, and having trouble breathing.

Turvey talks to Auryon in a whisper. She then tells the group that Serith went crazy and attacked some fleeing myconids. Alcyce says, “Oh, that’s probably because of the demonic spores in his brain.” People give Alcyce a hard look. The adventurers return to the head gnomes and tell them what they learned. Alcyce wishes to call on her people for help, but they are too far away. Gnomes call a meeting and ask that the group attends to give witness. It is suggested that the Goldwhisker clan is invited too. Strong opposition, but it is agreed that the group will be sent to talk to them and invite them.

Turvey leads the group to them, explaining that he was sent by them to investigate the slimes. He, himself is a wererat. He thought he was the only one, until he met them. The group continues through the tunnels. Jaq strikes up conversations with the other party members, asking about their backstory and sharing bits of his own. They make their way pasts traps and find themselves talking to a wererat gnome sitting on a rough stone throne.

Godenwhisker is gruff but agrees to come since it is so serious a threat. The group escorts him and his men to the council room. The heads of different groups in Blingdenstone argue about the events brought to light as well as the best ways to deal with them. It is decided that materials from the myconids is needed, which may or may not be their fecal matter. They also need to remove Ogremach’s Bane so that the city’s defenses can be restored. After Rue finishes with another breakdown from the stress of being kept underground, the group agrees to split up. Rue and Jaq will go after the fleeing myconids for their special supplies and the rest of the party will fight Ogremach’s Bane.



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