Grasp of Orcus

Out of the Abyss, Session 11

Dark before the Light

The team regroups. Rue is traumatized, identified as desecrated, and seems to be mute. They tell each other about what happened as they head to the market to restock supplies. The group, replenished, enacts the plan to assassinate the Pudding King while the gnomes keep the slimes busy. They make their way through a back passage but are blocked by slimes. They fight, but struggle against the resistant monsters. Auryon pulls out a glowing sword that blasts them with light, Jaq punches them with glowing fists, and Eldeth swipes at them with a dagger while Alcyce, Uroq, and Abrioxiell provide support. Aramil tries to help, but his hair falls out. Rue does nothing but pick up the hair.


They then are approached by the Pudding King, who sends two royal slimes to attack them. While the group defends, Jaq leaps over the slimes using his acrobatic ability and the Anklets of Speed. He then Chi slams the Pudding King, making him slam into a wall and collapse. The Pudding King calls for his “children” to help him, but they are kept busy by the rest of the group. Alcyce misty stepped to the Pudding King and stabs him with her sword that glowed with holy light. Rue flew over the battle to beside the Pudding King. Rue asked Abrioxiell if he was hungry. When told yes, Rue shot the Pudding King point-blank in the back of the neck.

The dying Pudding King hoarsely said, “We shall be reborn from our children and feast upon the banquet.. of the… myconid… demoness…..!” As he took his last breath, he melted into a puddle of slime. The group finished off the now insentient slimes. Buppido saunters into the room and spreads the goo from the Pudding King into an arcanic shape. Alcyce tries to tackle him but is flipped over. “You shall not interrupt the sacrifice!” hissed Buppido. Auryon runs up and knocks him out. Abrioxiell reads his mind and discovers that Buppido believes that he is Diinkarazan reincarnated, a god of murder. Abrioxiell shares this with the group.

Uroq walks up to Buppido and places two coins over his eyes and casts heat metal. Buppido awakes screaming to the sensation of his eyes sizzling and melting shut. Alcyce knocks him out with the pommel of her sword. She tells the group that she doesn’t think they should kill him. Uroq suggests that she step out of the room then. She picks up Buppido and walks away. The group meets up with the deep gnomes, who kill Buppido on the spot. Abe eats Buppido’s brain and takes on an aspect of him. All is for the glory of Abrioxiell. The party heads out the next day with some merchants heading to Darkstone Hall, stronghold of dwarves. A feast is held in the group’s honor for their brave deeds as well as for returning their scout, Eldeth.


The group walks into the open air for the first time in a long time. Rue shoots straight up into the air, until he is lost to sight. The group splits up to report to their organizations. Rue returns the next day, no longer tainted by undeath and more lively than he was ever seen in the underdark.

3 months later, they are summoned back to Darkstone Hall.



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