Worldend is a city in the Great Eastern Desert, famous throughout that region for hosting the Tournament. The greatest fighters in half the world would come to compete there every year, each hoping to become the Champion, an honor that carried with it riches beyond count, access to the Champion’s mansion and the Malvera Family’s emerald mine, and rulership of the city.

In truth, the Malveras were the only rulers of Worldend. Their riches came from the emerald mine, which they kept in a secret location some miles away in the desert. Their power was enforced within the city walls by the Peacekeepers, an invincible police force comprised of magically animated suits of armor, and empowered by the Resurrector. Each year, the Malveras would secretly murder the Champion, explaining why the Champions were so rarely seen in public after their victories, and why nobody knew what happened to previous years’ Champions once a new one came into power. All of this was revealed thanks to the interference of the party, who only came to Worldend in the first place to rescue Stern, but ended up being responsible for the overthrow of the Malveras, the freeing of the slaves in the emerald, mines, the breaking of the Peacekeepers’ power, the banishment of the Resurrector, and the destruction of the city.

Worldend was laid waste by a riot when the citizens discovered that the Peacekeepers had been rendered vulnerable by the actions of the party. Further destruction was rained down from above when Melech led an army of Desertkin in an airship invasion of the city.

After the battle, the party was given many gifts by the newly freed citizens of the city, and immediately left to take a job escorting Corvyre to Kandahar. It is not known what became of the city without its despotic rulers in charge.


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