Turnfield is a halfling village friendly to the Daytime Group. It is adjacent to the Moaning Forest and less than a day’s journey from the Justice Guild’s clubhouse. Turnfield’s primary features are its sizable open-air tavern and its temple, which produces large quantities of Turnfield’s chief export: Cinnamon Goat Jerky.

Turnfield is where Bree, Honest Bob, and Valya first met “Lights Out” Sullivan, Mr. Truetongue, and Grizza. They were all passing through the village on their way somewhere else when circumstances caused them to team up and begin adventuring together.

Later on, after the party had cleansed the neighboring Moaning Forest and taken the former hags’ den as their clubhouse, they began hiring themselves out as mercenaries and took the village’s name, becoming the Justice Guild of Turnfield.



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