The Wheel of Law


The Wheel of Law is an ancient stone wheel of unknown origins. As much a legend as fact, the wheel, or its like, is a frequently occurring symbol in many cults throughout world. An apocalyptic prophecy states the doorway to the Abyssal planes will be permanently opened if the barriers blocking the wheel’s movements are broken. The wheel’s location is a mystery, though the party has seen evidence to suggest it lies near the far northern mountain range of Gundabad.

The prophecy referring to the wheel was deciphered by the party while venturing into an ancient underground temple of Orcus. The full meaning of the prophecy however remains a mystery…

We dance around a ring and suppose
The secret sits in the middle and knows.
What may lie within to see?
It has but only four keys.

First to quench the fiery heart
Stop up time, end the start.
Burn the leaf from the tree
Let loose the beast with fervored glee
Then shall night be like the day
As all races self betray_

And dark secrets will impose
Upon the world in deathly throws.
Aye, We dance around a ring and suppose.
But the secrets sits in the middle. AND KNOWS.

The Wheel of Law

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