The Underdark


Deep beneath the surface of the world lies the Underdark, a realm of endless labyrinthine tunnels and caverns where the sun never shines. The Underdark is filled with races and creatures too numerous to count or list, and foremost among these are the dark elves – the Drow.


Hated and feared even by their fellow dwellers in darkness, the Drow raid other settlements in the Underdark as well as the surface world, taking prisoners back with them.


Rendered unconscious with Drow poison, then collared and shackled, these prisoners are eventually sold as slaves or entertainment in the dark elves’ subterranean cities.


The Evening Group has spent a large amount of time in the Underdark, as they were initially captured by drow raiding parties and imprisoned in Velkynvelve. After escaping, they spent many weeks traveling the strange passages and caverns, desperately seeking a way to the surface. In that time they visited many other other Underdark races and their homes, including the kuo-toa of Sloobludop, the deep gnomes of Blingdenstone, and the myconids of Neverlight Grove.

The Underdark

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