The Skullgaffin Conspiracy


The Skullgaffin conspiracy surrounds the events that started the great Dragonborn & Kandahar war in which the world is currently embroiled.

Petor Skullgaffin was a nobleman and baron who came from parts unknown to amass a huge fortune by manufacturing weapons of great renown. His weapons were famous for dealing excessive damage to any opponent and being bound to their owners, to prevent their misuse.

Skullgaffin increased tensions between House Ottman of the Kandahar Empire and House Totorik of the Arkohsian Empire when he had Princess Coryvre kidnapped on the eve of her marriage to Prince Ottman. Both Imperials and Dragonborn were deceived into believing the culprit was each other and bloodshed erupted at The Battle of Agrona. This lead to many more battles over the coming months between both sides, with no clear winner on either side. The loss of life, however, counted in the tens of thousands.

Some time later it was proven that Skullgaffin was selling weapons to both sides of the conflict, was responsible for the Corvyre’s kidnapping and was in fact, a high priest of Orcus. His machinations surrounded fulfilling an ancient prophecy regarding The Wheel of Law. A great stone wheel that could purportedly open a permanent door to a plane of the Abyss.

Skullgaffin’s betrayal was unmasked by the party and Skullgaffin himself was killed during the Battle of Agrona. The war, however, rages on….

The Skullgaffin Conspiracy

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