The Red Hook Rat


The Red Hook Rat is a sprawling inn with a large common area. There is a narrow entry room with a bar and a few tables under hanging lamps. This opens into a larger common room with many other tables, a fireplace, a second floor balcony, and an attached kitchen with a counter for serving food. A door on the second floor of the common room opens to a hallway with many guest rooms. A second door on the ground floor does the same, and also leads to the stable door. A basement is used for storage and can be reached through a trapdoor in the kitchen. There are two more buildings detached from the main one: A stable for the horses, and another building of additional guest rooms. The whole place is run by the half-orc owner, Balgrazar and his young charge Tai, a teenage orc girl.

What is not obvious to most guests is that the Red Hook Rat is actually the “Inn Between.” It is the physical manifestation of a metaphysical refuge point that exists at the crossroads between various planes of existence. It sometimes appears to travelers who have become hopelessly lost both physically and spiritually while traversing various planes of existence.

The party, along with several other guests, became stranded in the inn on the night of the Worldstorm, when Eilian the Old was murdered.

The Red Hook Rat

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