Neverlight Grove


Neverlight Grove is one of the communities of myconids that can be found throughout the Underdark. These intelligent, vaguely humanoid fungi lead lives of work and shared contemplation, providing shelter and safe passage to any who approach them peacefully.

The relative isolation of Neverlight Grove, its abundance of food and water, and the welcoming nature of its inhabitants might have once brought travelers there to rest, recuperate, and resupply. Being in the grove enjoying a much-needed respite from the brutal and harrowing conditions of the Underdark.

As Jaquiche and the Evening Group discovered, however, this particular myconid haven is no longer as safe as it might appear. One of their sovereigns, Phylo, fell under the sway of Zuggtmoy, the Demon Queen of Fungi, who wasted no time building herself a stronghold in a colossal mushroom called Yggmorgus. There. she works on a malevolent scheme to claim all the Underdark as her domain. More and more myconids are slowly becoming unwitting thralls under her control, and anyone who lingers in Neverlight Grove might find themselves in great peril.

After Jaquiche’s discoveries, the Grove’s second sovereign, Basidia, led the remaining uncorrupted myconids on a mass exodus away from Neverlight. They now seek permission from the deep gnomes to join them in settling Blingdenstone.

Neverlight Grove

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