Visitors to the duergar (grey dwarf) city of Gracklstugh are greeted by its hot and acrid air. followed by the angry red glare of the eternally burning smelters fueling the city’s metal works, its clanging heart, and the forges kept alive by the flames of Themberchaud, the red dragon that holds the title of Wyrmsmith. Gracklstugh toils endlessly, its smiths churning out the best armor and weapons among the Underdark races. Those who do business here refer to Gracklstugh as “the City of Blades.”

As merciless as it can be, Gracklstugh is a major bastion of civilization in the Underdark wilh active trade routes. Built within the walls of a deep cavern southwest of the Darklake, Gracklstugh is the commercial, political, and spiritual center of the duergar, aII of whom look to the Deepking with respect. The city has an open shore along the Darklake, while several caverns and passages connect Gracklstugh to other parts of the Underdark to facilitate travel and trade.

The Evening Group had an opportunity to visit Gracklstugh while escaping from the drow of Velkynvelve, but chose to head to Blingdenstone instead. As of yet, neither party has visited the grey dwarves’ capitol.


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