Falling Rain


Falling Rain is a village of Kenku farmers located about three weeks’ journey from Turnfield on foot. Since Kenku are incapable of true language but can imitate any sound, the village’s name is actually the sound of rain falling. Non-Kenku, who cannot make the sound vocally, refer to it with the words “Falling Rain.”

Since Kenku are attracted to heights, but lack the creativity to build complex structures themselves, the entire village of Falling Rain is built in the towering ruins of an ancient city fortress. The original purpose of the fortress is lost to time.

The Daytime Group (aka the Justice Guild of Turnfield) was hired, at the price of three urns of rice, to save the poor farmers from starvation when a barbarian horde demanded their entire crop. The crop was ostensibly “payment” for the horde destroying a nearby steading of hill giants, who had not been bothering the village in the first place.

Upon investigating, the party discovered that the horde was actually the army of Tsung Khan, under the command of Born. The minotaur and sometime member of the Daytime Group had become so obsessed with hunting and killing his evil twin Vital that he was allowing his men to raid villages in order to keep them fed and loyal.

The village was saved when Alcyce, as a favor to the Justice Guild, used a Plant Growth spell to ensure there was enough food for everyone. Thereafter, Born ordered his lieutenant Tojiro to take the army and depart while he himself temporarily rejoined the party to care for the pregnant Bree.

Falling Rain

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