Evereska is an elven forest kingdom east of the Sword Coast. It is the home of Auryon and Graros Taletreader.

Evereska is in a valley encircled with twelve hills collectively known as the Shaeradim, which is sculpted into a large terraced garden, and inhabited by moon and sun elves. The houses are worked into the landscape and it is possible to float large items in the city. Blueleaf trees cover the valley and are sculpted by magic. Weather conditions and diseases are regulated by a magical mythal.

Evereska itself is situated on a large stone pedestal that rises nearly a thousand feet from the grassland below. This is encircled by the Vine Vale which is primarily agricultural land of vineyards and orchards. Outside of the vale are the Shaeradim: twelve hills that completely encircle Evereska so that it is not visible from the valley below. The valley inside of these hills and west of Evereska is the West Cwm.


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