The Lady of Rot


One of many demon lords the Evening Group encountered in the Underdark, Zuggtmoy wants to feed us all to the mushrooms.


The Demon Queen of Fungi, Lady of Rot and Decay, Zuggtmoy is an alien creature whose only desire is to infect the living with spores, transforming them into her mindless servants and, eventually, into decomposing hosts for the mushrooms, molds, and other fungi that she spawns.

Utterly inhuman, Zuggtmoy can mold her fungoid form into an approximation of a humanoid shape, including the skeletal-thin figure depicted in grimoires and ancient art, draped and veiled in mycelium and lichen. Indeed, much of her appearance and manner, and that of her servants, is a soulless mockery of mortal life and its many facets.

Zuggtmoy’s cultists often follow her unwittingly. Most are fungi-infected to some degree, whether through inhaling her mind-controlling spores or being transformed to the point where flesh and fungus become one. Such cultists are fungal extensions of the Demon Queen’s will. Their devotion might begin with lhe seemingly harmless promises offered by exotic spores and mushrooms, but quickly consumes them, body and soul.

Sharing a layer of the Abyss with Juiblex, plus their mutual insatiable hunger, has made the two demon lords mortal enemies, each devoted to destroying and ultimately devouring the other.

The Evening Group discovered Zuggtmoy’s presence on the Prime Material Plane when Winds of Jaquiche joined their number. He had seen Zuggtmoy’s influence on the myconids of Neverlight Grove, where she was building her strength in preparation for her attempt to dominate Araumycos. Araumycos is the largest life form in the world, a sentient fungal colony that completely fills the caverns and tunnels of the Underdark in an area the size of a small country. It is so interwoven with the fabric of the world that if Zuggtmoy gains control of it, it would grant her nearly unlimited power in the mortal plane.


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