Rogue. Changeling. Vampire. What's not to trust?



Yogslip is a 600-year-old changeling vampire rogue. He will drain you of blood before you even know he’s there.


As a changeling, Yogslip has a compulsion to disguise himself and infiltrate groups of people, though no particular goals once he has done so. He instinctively hides his true identity and, unless he is discovered, will not socially interact with anyone as himself. He feeds and entertains himself by stealing and killing, two professions that are greatly helped by his vampiric nature.

Yogslip first met the party at Mt. Ascension, when he impersonated Born in order to infiltrate the group and help them recover the stolen Torc of the Necromancer (which he had a part in stealing, having previously infiltrated the gang of thieves involved). The party quickly learned to respect the vast array of powers granted to Yogslip by the combination of his exotic heritage and dark curse.

Yogslip’s actions are often evil, but he is not particularly bent on destruction in any thought-out way. He often murders people in order to impersonate them for no particular reason, but he will usually choose targets that he feels have it coming anyway. He helped steal the Torc of the Necromancer, but quickly changed sides and helped recover it when he realized an entire town of innocents were about to be overrun by a horde of undead.

Most recently, Yogslip turned up at The Red Hook Rat, in the guise of a beggar named Slyme. After Eilian the Old was murdered, Bree magically forced Slyme to answer a series of questions truthfully, resulting in his true identity being revealed for a second time.


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