A wizened little Kobold with emerald plans of privilege as Worldend's Champion.


Wall-Eyes abandoned Born in battle. Bad idea.


Wall-Eyes was the leader of a team of combatants who entered the Tournament of Worldend at the same time as the party. A gifted speaker and big talker, Wall-Eyes had somehow convinced Born to join his team, despite the fact that the minotaur was far superior in skill, power, and commitment to anyone else in Wall-Eyes’ gang. When Wall-Eyes fled the battlefield at the first sign of opposition, Born cursed him for a coward, then stayed to finish the combat honorably on behalf of his team. With his own team disbanded, Born then joined the party for the remainder of the Tournament.

During the Battle of Worldend, Wall-Eyes made the mistake of trying to flee the city through a door that Born happened to be standing directly above. The minotaur, having hold of one of the city’s chained wrecking-ball style trebuchets, rolled the massive metallic ball off a guard tower and onto Wall-Eyes’ body, smashing him to death. In Born’s estimation, this was a fitting punishment for dishonor in battle.


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