Cult leader and Born's Twin Brother


Vital is physically identical in appearance to Born, save for his weapons and clothes.


Vital will probably be remembered as one of the most treacherous villains in our lore. Growing up next to Born in the Minotaur city of Atour Bamarea, Vital dabbled in black magic, eventually rising in rank to high priest of Bahomet.

Vital spread his influence and gained followers throughout the city until he finally destroyed it with mass ritualistic murders and influencing mass suicides. Vital went on to manipulate Born into a blood frenzy, using powerful chemical reagents, and set Born loose on his parents, killing them.

This fact only recently became clear to Born while adventuring through a dark temple used by Mr. Skullgaffin.

Bree and Busty Mcfadden both spied Vital aiding Skullgaffin in the same temple, erecting an evil altar made from the bones of dragon born children. Though both Bree and Busty were able to free the remaining suriving children from the same fate, Vital stopped them from freeing Princess Corvyre, nearly killing Busty in the process.

Vital was seen again in the northern foothills as he led a large war band in the early morning hours, to attack an imperial outpost. The party was able to defend the outpost but Vital’s minion’s kidnapped one of the refugees, a dragon born girl named Sucro.

The party chased down and defeated Vital’s remaining soldiers in “The Battle of the High Fen” though Vital himself was not present.

Vital was then seen by Urn Elrich entering the Red Mountain Mine carrying Sucro. It’s believed he’s responsible for Busty McFadden’s disappearance.

Some time later Born caught sight of Vital when he and his men attacked the party as they escorted Princess Corvyre through a box canyon. Born chased his brother into a dark cave and threw Vital to his death- down a chasm.

When the party later destroyed the Infernal Clock deep within the Tomb of Horrors they altered time and Vital’s death was negated. The sorcerer waylaid the party after they destroyed the Clock and boasted they had played into his plans – revealing he needed Acerak stopped so his true master, Baphomet could gain control of the Wheel of Law.

Vital killed Princess Corvyre, stole Bob’s Amulet and kidnapped Benegrin before disappearing with his men. His current whereabouts are unknown…


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