Blind monk. Former Slave. Daughter of Honest Bob. Love of Tinway's life.



Valya is a blind monk who refuses to allow her disability to compromise her life of adventuring. She travels with a seeing-eye-ferret.


Valya is the daughter of the notorious thief, assassin, and founder of the Shadow Academy, Honest Bob. Her mother was murdered and she herself was kidnapped by her father’s former partner Cane Wolfswift when she was only ten years old.

The next twenty years of her life were spent in slavery to Cane, while he used her as a means to control Honest Bob through an ever-increasing ransom. On more than one occasion she was lent or sold to other owners, only to wind up back in Cane’s possession eventually. During this period, she spent several years working in the Malveras’ emerald mine outside Worldend, and another several living at a monastery. It was there that she first trained to be a monk, and also where she met Tinway, who would become her lover and spend several years trying to find and rescue her.

It was not until near the end of her tenure as Cane’s captive that he had her eyes gouged out for spiting him in the bedroom. Shortly thereafter, she escaped, disguised herself, and returned as a Shadow Academy initiate, hoping to infiltrate the organization and destroy Cane that way. When she went to Wanan Cross for her initiation rites however, she met up with Tinway, his new adventuring companion, Bree, and the dwarven berserker Busty McFadden. Together, they survived the arena pit, slew Cane, and returned leadership of the Shadow Academy to Honest Bob. Afterwards, Tinway and Valya ran away together.

Valya returned and joined the party at the Red Hook Rat, when they were stranded together by the Worldstorm. She had been traveling alone, as Tinway had gone on a deep cover espionage mission and Valya had become restless without him. She now relies on a seeing eye ferret to help her with her blindness.

Deep within the Tomb of Horrors, Valya unwittingly sprung a trap and vanished from sight. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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