Uroq Mahwurld


Uroq Mahwurld is a bard with a hint of rogue. He plays that lute like he was born to it.


Uroq Mahwurld was born in the far-off kingdom of Aedenryl under the name Aeoden. He demonstrated an uncanny gift for music at a young age and was sent to be trained in the Aedenryl Royal Academy. He excelled in the craft so much that in no time, he became the most celebrated minstrel to serve in the royal courts. His reputation spread across many kingdoms, and he gained the favor of his own king. He was given a room within the royal palace and began to be treated as a member of Aedenryl’s royal family.

Unbeknownst to the royals, Aeoden was a spy sent from the Shadowclan, a secret cabal of rich nobles, thieves, and assassins led by his mother, Ayeeda. Ayeeda, Aeoden and his -brother Aeoroc are the only known descendants of King Zotaire, who was assassinated a century ago. His only surviving son was Ayeeda’s grandfather, Voltyr. He founded the Shadowclan to take back the throne from the usurpers who had killed his father. Voltyr disappeared soon after his wife Aeona gave birth to Ayeeda’s father, Aeric.

That vow was taken through generations and now the clan is at the peak of its power, controlling most of the underground trades and infiltrating the political ranks within the royal palace. They believed the time of revolt was at hand, paving the way for Aeoroc, Aeoden’s older brother, to take the throne. However, the mission got complicated as Aeoden fell in love with the usurpers’ princess. At the urging of his stepfather, some of the members of the clan began to doubt Aeoden’s loyalty. Aeoden, during the Redmoon feast, in the presence of the royal courts and dignitaries from other kingdoms, violently died in the middle of his performance, obviously poisoned.

The news traveled fast across the kingdom as one of the most celebrated entertainers in history was slain. The physician later identified the poison as Shadowkiss, the signature poison of the Shadowclan. A royal decree was then issued to hunt and kill the Shadowclan.

Because Aeoden was so loved by the people, common folk and even the thieves gave away the clan’s hideout. When the soldiers arrived in the underground hideout, it appeared that the job was already taken care of. Bodies of clan members were found dead, including Aeoden’s stepfather and his brother, Aeoroc. That day, Aeoden was laid to rest within the royal catacombs. That night, the physician, (secretly Aeoden’s uncle), revived him with the antidote and told him that his mother staged his “assassination” to allow him to escape.

He was also given the news about his stepfather’s plot to eliminate him and his brother to make Venzer, his half-brother and also his best friend, heir to the throne. This falling out within the clan claimed Aeoroc’s life. Since it was not safe for him to stay, Aeoden’s mother ordered him to flee as far away from the kingdom as possible. He was promised that the clan would come for him at the right time. He has not seen his family ever since. Taking the name Uroq, in honor of his older brother, he has become a traveling bard. He has since traveled so far from home that most people he meets have never heard of Aeoden the bard, or even the kingdom of Aedenryl itself.

Uroq Mahwurld

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