Urn Elrich

Urn is a fey-pact warlock with motivations nobody can fathom and a bizarre relationship with his horse.



Urn Elrich is a warlock, believed to be insane by his companions, though it’s also possible he’s just thinking on a level they don’t even grasp.


Urn Elrich began his adventuring career by spending several days naked, because he had spent all of his coin on his horse Scott Bakula instead of clothes or armor. A fey-pact warlock, Urn is frightening enough in appearance that even Stern, the enormous dragonborn paladin, has been intimidated by him.

Nothing is known of Urn’s past or of his goals, but his loose-cannon style of adventuring has frequently been the catalyst for bizarre and profitable happenings for himself and his comrades. Additionally, his freewheeling, outside-the box style of combat has saved their bacon on more than one occasion.

Urn Elrich’s exploits include bluffing his way into a card game with a pair of goblin guards, abandoning his teammates behind an impassable magic wall so that he could single-handedly clear out a room full of undead before they arrived, using an alarm bell as a weapon to slay opponents, teleporting powerful enemies inside of walls in order to avoid having to fight them, and successfully seducing Chloe Malvera.

Urn has a previous relationship with Honest Bob, but the nature and extent of that relationship is not clear.

Urn left the party to seek adventure elsewhere after the events at Mt. Ascension. He has not been seen since.

Urn Elrich

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