Tsung Kahn

An ancient warlord who opposed Acerak 500 years in the past


Tsung Kahn was a warlord that rallied much of the Nentir Vale and its neighbors into fighting Acerak’s army over 500 years before the party was born.


Though some considered him to be a savage, Tsung Kahn’s brutal tactics and savage warriors pushed back Acerak’s minions and kept the Lich’s influence in check for several decades, before the warlord mysteriously disappeared.

Before his disappearance, Kahn wrote a book on military tactics that many armies today still learn from. The The Daytime Group discovered Kahn’s remains, and Born found the original copy of his book, deep within the Tomb of Horrors.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the party, Tsung Kahn’s spirit was speaking to Born, while they adventured in the tomb and eventually influenced Born into manipulating the Infernal Clock before Bree destroyed it.

Time was altered and now Tsung Kahn and his 1000 man army live again. They are just as savage as ever and are completely loyal to Born, their new Kahn.

Tsung Kahn

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