Tracker seemed like a friend, until he kidnapped Stern.


Tracker was a Desertkin and one time member of the party.


Along with Melech, he first encountered the party in Winterhaven, where they had been sent by their tribe in order make a secretive deal with Kalarel and gain access to dragon blood. Originally intending to take one of Kalarel’s kobolds, Tracker instead kidnapped Stern, thinking that dragonborn blood was closer to dragon blood than was that of a kobold. He did this, however, only after helping Stern and his companions defeat Kalarel and his dark master Orcus, thus saving the world before committing his treachery. In fact, it was Tracker who struck the killing blow against the Demon Prince of Undeath, meaning that from that moment on, only Tracker or his direct descendant could facilitate Orcus’ return to the mortal world before 10,000 years have passed.

Tracker had not told Melech the details of his plan, and as a result, Melech was surprised by the kidnapping and chose not to accompany his superior. It was later revealed that Tracker had done what he did for the greater good, as he needed dragon blood for a ritual that would save his people from enslavement by the Malveras.

Tracker’s airship was shot down over Worldend before he could reach his people with Stern. They were both captured by the Malveras, with Tracker being tortured and questioned, while Stern was sent to work the emerald mines. Melech’s subsequent attempt to rescue Tracker resulted in an accident in which Tracker’s entire mind was erased and he became a vegetable. He later died, still mindless, in the Battle of Worldend.

The one piece of good news is that, at the time of his death, Tracker was childless. This means that there is now nobody who has the power to summon Orcus back to the Prime Material Plane before 10,000 years have elapsed.


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