A hengeyokai who looks human, Tinway can pick any lock you can build.


Tinway’s appearance and exact lineage is a somewhat clouded issue as party members have described him as being human, a jackal, a rabbit, a fox, and a jackelope.



Tinway first met up with the party in Worldend and helped them to dispatch the Ressurrector and oust Tinway’s cousin, Chloe Malvera, from power. Tinway’s goal was to find his lost love, Valya.

He went on to investigate the emerald mines nearby on his own and found Valya had at one point been a slave there. Tinway foiled a plot that would have enslaved him as well by the merchant Landin Volus, and escaped the mines.

He found the party again in the city of Kandahar, and helped them escape from the prison there. Tinway’s stealthy skills and battle expertise secured the party’s success in battle many times over. During these adventures Tinway learned Valya, was in fact, Honest Bob’s missing daughter.

Eventually Tinway and Bree were given custody of Cane, head of the shadow Academy. Cane was able to manipulate Tinway into a trap, where Tinway and Bree had to battle for their lives in a makeshift arena against several opponents, including a now blind Valya. Tinway was able to reunite with Valya and free the party form Cane’s trap. With Bob and Valya’s help Tinway killed Cane by shooting an arrow through his throat.

Tinway left the party with Bob and Valya; wanting time to secure Valya’s safety. He vowed he would one day return, and repay all the help he received.


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