The Pudding King

The twisted commander of Juiblex's ooze army in Blingdenstone.


The so-called Pudding King holds court in the deepest sections of Blingdenstone. He was part of the first settler mission led by the Diggermattocks, but the other svirfneblin soon shunned him for his many disturbing habits, among them his preoccupation with capturing and studying oozes, and his penchant for stealing and hoarding food until it rotted… and then talking to it.


The shunned deep gnome eventually struck out. on his own. He spent years living among the oozes of the region, eventually subjugating a black pudding he calls “Princess Ebonmire” and a gray ooze he calls “Prince Livid.’” When the demon lords arrived in the Underdark, he followed the oozes drawn by Juiblex’s presence, immediately throwing himself down before the Faceless Lord and pledging his eternal loyalty. His previous name and existence ended in ehat moment, and now there is only the Pudding King.

Juiblex granted the Pudding King the power to summon and command oozes, then ordered him to return to Blingdenstone and claim it as part of the Faceless Lord’s new domain. The Pudding King slipped back into the closed-off areas of Blingdenstone and set up court, summoning all manner of oozes along the way and rendering portions of the ruined cit ยท uninhabitable and dangerous to outsiders.

Utterly insane and channeling a terrible power, the Pudding King sits upon his throne with his children at his side, summoning ever more loyal subjects with each passing day. When he is ready, he will send them forth to cover and devour everything, transforming Blingdenstone and its people into one giant mound of slime and goo formed in the image of his master, the Faceless Lord.

The Pudding King

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