The Man Who Brings The Supplies

A corporeal form for a metaphysical concept.


The Man Who Brings the Supplies is a nameless entity who brings food, drink, and other necessities to the Inn Between, also known as the Red Hook Rat.


Appearing to be simply a human man, this being has appeared at the inn every month like clockwork for longer than Balgrazar has been the innkeeper, which is a span covering eons.

Balgrazar himself speculated that, as the Inn Between is the physical manifestation of the metaphysical concepts or refuge, respite, hospitality and last chances, the Man Who Brings the Supplies must also be such a manifestation, representing natural cycles such as the tides, the seasons, or the phases of the moon. Since the Inn Between is its own entire plane of existence (or perhaps a limbo state between planes – Balgrazar doesn’t know), such a natural cycle could only be represented by the replenishment of the Inn’s stores. So in that place, the concept takes the form of a man who brings supplies. Generally, after a delivery, Balgrazar believes the Man dissipates back into the multiverse, resuming his task of maintaining the planes as a primal force of nature.

Salmon Battlebeard, having gone mad after his exile from Darkstone Hall, fell victim to the controlling influence of Mak Thuum N’Gatha, the Nine-Tongued Worm. This Far Realm entity wanted, for unknown reasons, to break into the multiverse, and so commanded Salmon to capture The Man Who Brings The Supplies and bind him with magical chains. These chains prevented the Man from dissipating back into his constituent force, and thus deprived the entire multiverse of one of its primal functions.

The Man was thus bound for over a week, and the absence of the force he represents caused the structure of the multiverse to begin to groan. When, on top of this weakening of realities, Mak Thuum N’Gatha began hammering on the multiverse from without, The Worldstorm was created.

Interestingly, when Yogslip finally broke the Man’s chains, the energy contained within his body shot forth from him and returned to its rightful place in the multiverse without dissipating the body it had created for itself. This left behind a living man who was no longer the embodiment of a primal force, but just a person with literally no history or backstory. He resembled a younger version of Urn Elrich and, due to the fact that he left the Inn on a hyper-intelligent horse that was almost certainly Scott Bakula, it has been speculated (though not proven), that he IS, in fact, Urn Elrich, and that he will at some point travel back in time to become the naked warlock on a horse that the party met during their first adventure.

Presumably, now that things are back to normal, The Man Who Brings The Supplies will create another body for himself the next time a delivery is due.

The Man Who Brings The Supplies

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