A teenage orc girl who works at the Red Hook Rat


Tai is a young girl who works for Balgrazar at the Red Hook Rat.


Like Balgrazar, Tai is an orphan. Unlike Balgrazar, she is the age she appears to be (about 17) and doesn’t guard her life story at all. She was part of a savage orc tribe until she was ten, at which time her parents were murdered by an ambitious fellow orc. Without a guardian, she would have been cast out of the tribe as a pariah, but a party of adventurers appeared and began slaughtering the tribe. Tai was hit by a blast from a Tiefling warlock and an elven wizard at the same time. She lost consciousness and when she awoke, she was outside the inn. Balgrazar emerged and convinced her to enter. Despite her initial mistrust of the halfbreed (who orcs view as traitors), he has fed and sheltered her ever since, demanding only that she help him take care of the inn.

Tai attempts to be taciturn and stoic in order to stay out of trouble, but she is still a teenager and an orc, so her hot-headedness gets the better of her often. She is not overly affectionate towards Balgrazar, and grumbles about him often, but she is still protective of her guardian and will take issue with anyone who speaks ill of him or means him harm. She is very serious about her duties at the inn. She disguises this as an attempt to avoid trouble with her taskmaster Balgrazar, but truthfully she can’t sleep a wink if the place isn’t clean and in good order.

Tai is unaware of the true nature of the inn, as she has not tried to leave in the seven years she has lived here. She does have a suspicion that something is uncanny: Balgrazar attributes the great racial and cultural diversity among their guests to the fact that the inn is situated on a major crossroads. Knowing little of geography, Tai cannot dispute this, but she also cannot explain why guests only trickle in one or two at a time if this is true. Also, on the rare occasions when the fog around the inn clears up, she could swear that the horizon is different each time. She keeps these observations to herself unless pushed, since they have made her the subject of racist derision about her intelligence in the past.


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