Stern & Corvyre's illegitimate love child


Sucro appeared to be a Dragonborn girl of approximately 8-12 years old. She claimed to be Stern’s illegitimate daughter by the Princess Corvyre, but was ultimately revealed to be an aspect of Orcus, as should have been obvious to anyone who considered the spelling of her name in reverse.


Sucro first saw the party at the Inn of Exposition outside of Kandahar. She had been hired on as a bar wench to help serve and clean.

She approached the party asking that they investigate her village, and the strange dissapearances there. She seemed to pay special attention to Stern.

The next morning Bree and Busty found Sucro outside the dragonborn village. She introduced them to the village elder, and hinted that dragon born there were acting very odd, and many of her friends had gone missing.

After the party reunited in the Imperial outpost a few miles away and several hours later, Sucro approached them. She confessed to Stern she was his daughter, and Corvyre was her mother. She also revealed she had been carrying the “dragon fire” crystal all along, around her neck. Something that Corvyre had decieved the party about.

After an extended battle to defend the outpost from Vital, the party discovered Sucro had been kidnapped by one of Vital’s men, who had tunneled in from below, grabbing her during the fighting.

Sucro was seen being carried by Vital into the Red Mountain mines. She was again encountered by the party in the mine’s dining hall, chained within a cage. Before she could be broken free however, Bree used her arcana power to read Sucro’s mind, revealing her to be none other than an aspect of ORCUS, meant to confuse and mislead the party, especially Stern. Upon being discovered Sucro vanished.


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