Starlys Bearcharger


Starlys Bearcharger is a half-elf ranger tasked with guarding the town of Hornberg in the Anathem Marshes.


Starlys Bearcharger is an adventurer from a settlement in the Anathem Marshes. The settlement, called Hornberg, is new, and the first outcropping of civilization in a largely wild and monster-dominated region. Starlys and a few other rangers of Hornberg spend most of their time outside the walls, hunting down stray orcs and trolls, and watching for signs of impending action against the town. Starlys was on a mission to rescue a missing fellow ranger that she believed had been captured by a local orc tribe, but she became lost when searching an underground tunnel complex for their hideout. When the Worldstorm began, it blasted a hole in a cave wall, and she staggered out. Unable to find her way back to Hornberg, she instead discovered the Red Hook Rat and entered, hoping to wait out the storm and then resume her search.

Starlys became stranded at the Red Hook Rat with the party the night Eilian the Old was murdered. Her prejudice against orcs caused her to blindly accuse Tai of the crime, despite an utter lack of evidence. This pigheadedness annoyed Content Not Found: viridian into attacking her without warning.

Starlys Bearcharger

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