Sovereign Basidia

The uncorrupted ruler of Neverlight Grove


Sovereign Basidia was one of two rulers of Neverlight Grove before, with the help of Jaquiche, she learned that her home had been invaded and corrupted by Zuggtmoy.


Myconid communities normally have only a single sovereign – the largest among them, who stands alone and outside any circle. Basidia, however, had been traveling the Underdark with two circles of followers and without a true home before finding its way to Neverlight Grove some years ago. Sovereign Phylo, the existing sovereign, welcomed the new myconids gladly, grateful for Basidia’s offer to share the burdens of leading all the Grove’s circles.

The two sovereigns became close friends, sharing authority and responsibilities with no conflict. Each knew that an individual myconid has only so much time in the cycle of life, and that when both had passed, a single sovereign would take their place.

All of that changed when Winds of Jaquiche discovered that Phylo and many of its followers had been unwittingly corrupted by the arrival of Zuggtmoy in the Underdark. With no real hope of fighting off the Demon Queen of Fungi, and the risk of becoming infected themselves, Basidia and all those myconids who remained uncorrupted left Neverlight Grove with Jaquiche, in search of a new home.

Some time later, Basidia deposited Jaquiche, with many thanks, at Blingdenstone, while the myconids continued on their quest for a new dwelling place. This separation was not lasting, however, as Jaquiche, Creeyukooru, and Jimjar were dispatched from Blingdenstone a day later in search of the myconids. The deep gnomes required Basidia’s help in securing materials needed for their upcoming battle against the Pudding King and his minions.

When Jaquiche and Rue were set upon in the tunnels by demonic servants of Orcus, Basidia and its myconids were nearby, and came rushing to lend aid. Together, the group managed to defeat several bodaks and a devourer, saving Jaquiche’s life. Rue had already been killed and transformed into a ghoul, but with the help of a dying gnome pulled formt he devourer’s body, Jaquiche was able to restore his bird companion to life.

After these events, Basidia resolved to return to Blingdenstone and ask the gnomes to share their city with the myconids, having determined that the wilds of the Underdark had become too dangerous to travel.

Sovereign Basidia

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