Sir Allius

Despite what certain jewelry has been saying, Sir Allius has been dead for a long time.


Sir Allius was an ancient hero from the Nerath Empire. Among his many legendary exploits was the slaying of Orcus’ material form when the demon lord had broken through to the mortal world. That battle claimed Allius’ life as well.


Sir Allius was one of the greatest heroes of the Nerath Empire, single-handedly slaying the demon prince Orcus and thus banishing him to the Abyss, where he would have remained for 10,000 years if Berensir had not accidentally freed him a mere 2,000 years later.

Orcus accomplished this by means of the Necklace, an enchanted item which allowed him to telepathically communicate with the wearer, even from the Abyss. When Berensir came into possession of it, Orcus convinced him that he was hearing the voice of Sir Allius, supposedly trapped in the necklace by Orcus’ evil magic for over 2000 years. When Berensir gave up control of his body in order to let Orcus summon himself to the Prime Material Plane, he thought he was giving control to Allius so that he could free himself from the Necklace.

The truth is, Allius never communicated with Berensir, having been long dead. There are many descendants of Allius still walking the earth, however. Though a human himself, Allius married an elf and his blood has been passed on to many elves who walk the earth today. Berensir is one of these elves, and his direct descent from Orcus’ previous killer is what allowed him to summon the Demon Prince back.

Sir Allius was a friend of Ramassule prior to the battle in which he died and she was captured.

Sir Allius

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