Shuushar the Awakened

A kuo-toa hermit and mystic who had overcome his mad heritage. He had a calm and peaceful presence and an aura of enlightened balance.


Shuushar the Awakened was imprisoned with the Evening Group by the Drow of Velkynvelve. As a pacifist, he refused to participate in the riot started by Anton Ramondo, opting instead to meditate and pray throughout the violence. He was tortured and killed as a warning to the other prisoners after the riot was put down.


A kuo-toa, Shuushar was an aquatic hermit with a calm and peaceful presence. He was aware of his people’s well-deserved reputation for madness, and claimed to have spent a lifetime in contemplation and solitary meditation to overcome that legacy. He appeared to have been successful, exuding an aura of enlightened balance. Shuushar was even calm and accepting of his imprisonment, merely saying that it was what it was, and who could say what end it might eventually lead toward?

Although Shuushar was by far the most sane, stable, and honest of the fellow prisoners he was the most useless to any escape attempt. The kuo-toa hermit was a complete pacifist. He would not fight or cause harm to any other creature, even refusing to defend himself or others. He would have glady accompanied the party if he had survived to see them escape, but instead he was skinned alive in front of them and his body dropped to the spiders.

Shuushar the Awakened

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