An aggressive Orc bully. He was a refugee of the Iceshield tribe who was constantly putting up a strong and hateful front.


Ront was imprisoned by Drow in Velkynvelve alongside the Evening Group. He lost his life fighting his captors in the riot started by Anton Ramondo.


A male orc from the Iceshield tribe, Ront fled from the slaughter of a band of orcs at the hands of the dwarves, falling down a shaft and wandering in the Underdark before being captured by the drow. He was ashamed of his cowardly act and knew that Gruumsh, the god of orcs, was punishing him. But he also didn’t want to die, or at least not in drow captivity. Ront was mean, stupid, and hateful, but he nonetheless showed his courage when he joined his fellow prisoners in battle against their Drow captors. He lost his life fighting alongside his new comrades in the riot.


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