An Eladrin wizard from the Nerath Empire, Ramassule was displaced from her own time by 2000 years.


Ramassile was a court wizard, in the service of the Nerath Empire, and was one of the wizards who penned theĀ  Book of Nerath. She was dispatched along with an entire Imperial Legion to deal with the threat of a death cult operating near the western end of the Nentir Vale.


This cult worshiped the demon prince Orcus and had successfully opened a rift between our world and the Shadowfell, where a powerful cult and many undead in service to Orcus dwell. Out of the rift poured hordes of zombies, skeletons and some fouler creatures, until the Imperial Legion, under the command of Sir Allius, drove them back whence they came.

Ramassule, along with a team of other Imperial wizards, used the Book of Nerath to close the rift after the last undead monstrosity was driven back through it. Meanwhile, Sir Allius defeated Orcus himself in combat and banished him forever from the mortal world.

The victory was not without its price, however. The last Ramassule saw of Sir Allius, he lay before the freshly sealed rift, dying of his wounds. Her own magical comrades were mostly slain, and she herself was dragged down into hidden catacombs by putrid-smelling hands.

She drifted in and out of consciousness, sometimes awakening to see horrible sights, then passing out of all thought once more.

When she finally regained full awareness, she was rescued from a goblin prison beneath the ruined Shadowfell Keep by a team of adventurers led by Bree. After some confusion sorting out languages, it was discovered that Ramassule had somehow survived 2000 years into her future, kept alive at the whims of Orcus’ minions. Determined to defeat the evil that had tormented her, Ramassule teamed up with the other heroes until Kalarel was defeated and Orcus was banished to the Abyss once again.

In the distant past, some of Ramassule’s wizard friends had cast a seeking spell to open a portal to wherever she may be. The spell was powerful, but Ramassule had not been on the Prime Material Plane, so it never found its target. The spell continued seeking for over 2000 years, when Ramassule was finally returned to our world. At that point, it gradually began coalescing. When the area was finally rid of the necrotic magic of Kalarel and Orcus, a portal indeed opened, leading back through time to Ramassule’s home. Rather than follow the other heroes on their mission to rescue Stern, Ramassule chose to take the portal home.

Some time later, Ramassule reappeared to Stern as an emissary of Corellon, their shared deity. She revealed that she had been dwelling in Arvandor since her death 1000 years earlier, and that she had interceded on Stern’s behalf, that she might finally right the wrong she had committed by not aiding the party in his rescue from Worldend, after he had helped rescue her form her own imprisonment. Largely because of Ramassule’s guidance, Stern was finally able to break free of the depression and darkness that had been growing in within him since he was first touched by necrotic magic.


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