Princess Corvyre

Leader of the Dragonborn & Stern's former lover


Corvyre is a half-human, half-dragonborn female, and royalty within the Empire of Arkhosia.


Princess Corvyre was born into royalty, as the only child of the great Totuk – High Ruler of the dragonborn, she became the heir apparent.

Corvyre knew Stern at a young age, and at some undisclosed point the two had a secret affair, a fact that Stern rarely speaks of. Totuk found the two, sleeping, one night and only through desperate bargaining by Corvyre- was Stern allowed to live (a fact that was unbeknownst to Stern until very recently).

Corvyre broke off her relationship with Stern but ensured his acceptance into the Order of Arvandor.

Several years later Corvyre was bequeathed to Prince Ottman, to broker a piece between Arkhosia and the Kandahar Empire. She was sent with a dowry across the Great Desert to Kandahar but made a detour when she learned Stern had been seen enslaved in Worldend.

The party first saw Corvyre as she watched one of the matches put on by Chloe Malvera. They later encountered her in the Malvera royal court.

Though Corvyre had her agents spread throughout the city, she was unable to locate Stern. Her agents did provide some covert support of the party as they attacked Chloe Malvera.

After the battle at Worldend Corvyre entreated the party to accompany her as she caravaned to Kandahar. At some point during the trip, it is rumored, she slept with several members of the party – much to Stern’s disgust.

Corvyre’s caravan was attacked upon entering Kandahar and Corvyre was kidnapped.

Bree and Busty McFadden found Corvyre within Skullgaffin’s secret temple several days later, and tried to rescue her, but were ultimately unsuccesful. During this encounter Corvyre used her rarely displayed power to blind Skullgaffin and his minions for a few seconds.

Corvyre was later discovered in the same temple in a catatonic state a short time later by the rest of the party, and was nearly killed by Skullgaffin in a dark ritual. Berensir’s arrows saved her life.

Corvyre was later found deep within the Red Mountain Mine, bound to a new bone altar, about to be prey to Skullgaffin’s dark ceremony. The party rescued her after killing Skullgaffin.

Some time later the party again escorted her to meet with her ex-fiance Prince Ottman and deliver evidence regarding Skullgaffin’s treachery and warmongering. Due to the time shift and altering of realities by the party in the Tomb of Horrors, Princess Corvyre was unsuccessful in her attempt to end the war and was brutally slain by Vital.

Princess Corvyre

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