Prince Derendil

A Quaggoth imprisoned with the Evening Group at Velkynvelve


Prince Derendil was imprisoned with the Evening Group in the Drow outpost of Velkynvelve. He aided greatly in their battles against the Drow, and escaped alongside them.


This hulking quaggoth was the most menacing-looking prisoner in the slave pens, and the other prisoners gave him a wide berth. Whenever anyone spoke to him, however, the quaggoth replied in urbane Elvish. He explained that he was not, in fact, a quaggoth, but a gold elf prince polymorphed into a quaggoth form by a curse. He claimed to be Prince Derendil of the kingdom of Nelrindenvance in the High Forest. His crown was usurped by the evil wizard Terrestor, who trapped him in this form and exiled him from his people.

Shortly after the party’s escape from Sloobludop and subsequent journey across the Darklake, Derendil amd his recent ally Khazrak were ritualistically murdered, their remains spread across a cavern floor to form a twisted, unrecognizable sigil. This took place at some point while the pair was on watch, and the rest of the party was asleep.

When their comrades awakened and discovered the scene of horror, Abrioxiell consumed Derendil’s brain in an effort to learn the identity of the killer. Because Derendil had been struck from behind, Abe did not see the attacker while reliving the quaggoth’s final moments, but he did witness Derendil’s final realization: that he was not, in fact, and elf prince at all, but merely an ordinary quaggoth who had lost his mind.

Derendil and Khazrak’s double murder reamins unsolved.

Prince Derendil

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