Parle Cranewing

A scholar of Honest Bob's acquiantance.


Parle Cranewing is the whole reason Honest Bob went to Winterhaven in the first place.


Parle Cranewing is the scholar who hired Honest Bob to go to Winterhaven in the Nentir Vale and recover the Book of Nerath from Douven Staul. No other party members ever met Cranewing.

Honest Bob later received a letter, purporting to be from Cranewing, encouraging him to find the book quickly and return it to Cranewing’s associate Ninaran, for double the agreed-upon price. After Ninaran was discovered to be working for Kalarel, the party never made any effort to discover whether or not she was really an associate of Cranewing, or whether Cranewing had really sent the letter.

Honest Bob followed the rest of the party to the east as they went off in search of Stern and his kidnapper Tracker. He never returned the book to Parle Cranewing, nor did he contact him in any way. If Cranewing was a pawn of Kalarel, he already knows not to expect Honest Bob. If not, he will be wondering forever what happened to the man he hired.

Further, if Cranewing was not in league with Kalarel, there is no way of knowing why he wanted the Book of Nerath in the first place.

Parle Cranewing

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