Ogrémoch's Bane

A malevolent sentient dust cloud that haunts Blingdenstone.


Ogrémoch’s Bane is a drifting cloud of transparent. magical dust that first appeared in Blingdenstone over a century ago. Believed to be sentient, it is found roaming the Rockblight section of the settlement. Elemental creatures touched by the cloud fall under its control. The cloud’s origin remains a mystery. but it is known to hove something lo do with Ogrémoch, Prince of Evil Earth. A medusa named Neheedra serves Ogrémoch’s Bane and leads some of the elemental creatures that have become enslaved by the evil cloud.


When the drow attacked Blingdenstone, Ogrémoch’s Bane retreated to the far corners of the ruined city, waiting for the time to reemerge and seek out earth elementals to corrupt. The malevolent entity didn’t have to wait long, as the drow sent teams of scavengers to loot the treasures the deep gnomes left behind, bringing their own elemental creatures with them.

Ogrémoch’s Bane haunted the drow with the same relentless cruelty it did the svirfneblin, turning their elemental servants against them. Eventually, the drow armies departed the city, but when they did, a drow priestess of Lolth named Neheedra Duskryn stayed behind. Neheedra was obsessed with collecting spell gems for their power and beauty, intent on making herself the regal and powerful master of her own underground realm. She commanded a force of drow servants and soldiers with unabashed cruelty, relentlessly driving them to seek out spell gems and increase her own wealth and power.

Overcome by her own greed and vanity, Neheedra engaged in dark rituals designed to secure her hold on power, imagining that Blingdenstone would one day become a drow enclave with her as its immortal leader. Unfortunately, the magical pacts she struck eventually transformed the vain priestess into a medusa.

Enraged by her fate, Neheedra turned her servants to stone and descended into madness. Over decades, she petrified any creature she encountered. eventually catching the attention of Ogrémoch’s Bane. Now. the medusa works in concert with the fell entity. creating stone servants animated by its power.

Since the return of the svirfneblin to Blingdenstone, the deep gnomes have studiously avoided sections of the old city that Ogrémoch’s Bane and Neheedra inhabit, blocking it off from the rest of the settlement and giving it the name “Rockblight."

Ogrémoch's Bane

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