Ninaran is an elven hunter who worked for Kalarel during his attempt to reopen the rift to the Shadowfell near Winterhaven.


Ninaran was Kalarel’s spy in the village of Winterhaven.


A quiet elf hunter who usually drinks alone, Ninaran is not interested in conversation. Stiff and bitter in demeanor, she was Kalarel’s agent in Winterhaven and reported back to him about happenings in the village.

She masqueraded as Honest Bob‘s contact from Parle Cranewing, promising him double Cranewing’s original price if he delivered the Book of Nerath to her within two days of his arrival in Winterhaven. When Bob and his companions tried to sell her a poor copy, she grew angry and stormed out.

Tracker and Melech came to her with the real book, promising to hand it to her in exchange for her leading them to Kalarel, with whom they had private business. With the party members following in secret, she led them as far as the entrance to Shadowfell Keep, where they were attacked by Kalarel’s goblin guards.

During the battle, Ninaran was subdued by Berensir and tied up. The party questioned her and left her alone when they continued. They later returned and discovered she had escaped her bonds.

When Stern later returned to Shadowfell Keep, he met Ninaran again, and learned that she had repented of her evil ways. Apparently, after escaping her bonds, she had gone down to the ritual chamber to report in to Kalarel. While there she had witnessed Berensir’s betrayal, the arrival of Orcus, and Stern’s own transmogrification. The sight of a dragonborn being so imbued with the power of an elven god, while two full-blooded elves (herself and Berensir) were in the service of evil had had a gut-wrenching affect on her, and she had since devoted herself to the protection of Winterhaven from the increasing goblin activity.

Ninaran gave her life fighting alongside Stern in Shadowfell Keep as he attempted to rescue Balgron the Fat.


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