Mull was a young manservant working for Benegrin when the party first encountered him near the Swamp of Silence. After intense questioning by Bree and Born, the party discovered Mull had escaped Vital’s nearby tower fortress and had plans to steal Benegrin’s skull keys to open the Tomb of Horrors.

Mull led the party to Vital’s tower and after the party retrieved one of the needed keys (and destroyed the tower in the process), Mull ambushed them with a band of thugs. In the skirmish that followed Mull was able to steal the skull key from the party but was gravely wounded. The party later caught up with Mull at the tomb’s entrance and finished him off, retrieving the stolen key.

Born was zealous in using a nearby rune of resurrection to bring Mull back to life repeatedly to interrogate more information from him. Mull confessed to being a minor priest of Orcus and wanting to use the Infernal Clock, deep within the tomb, to manipulate time and ensure his evil master’s entrance into the world. He was sure Orcus would give him great power, and a girlfriend.

Born threw his body into the shallow swamp water before the party made their way into the tomb. A day later as the party rested, Berensir spied the thug had somehow been ressurected and was moving about one of the passageways in the tomb, searching for a way forward before moving on, out of sight. Hours later Mull stumbled across the party within a cursed room. His attacks were again unsuccessful and he was killed again by the heroes.

Mull appeared one last time in the tomb to attack the party, resurrected by Orcus’ power, and is now fully controlled by the demon. The party was able to throw Mull through one of Acerak’s portals. His current whereabouts are unknown…



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