Mr. Truetongue

A halfling bard whose real first name is a mystery.


Truetongue is a halfling bard who grew up on the streets of Calimport with“Lights Out” Sullivan. The two of them traveled together as partners in a bare-knuckle boxing scheme before joining the Daytime Group.


The interesting thing about Truetongue is that, when introducing himself, he never uses the same first name twice. His best friend Sullivan seems to be in on whatever bizarre act this is, as he constantly address Truetongue by different first names, which Truetongue always answers to as though they were correct. Neither of the pair has ever acknowledged that they are doing this.

Truetongue is known for his slick words and slicker mind. Whenever he and Sullivan enter a new town, Truetongue acts as Sullivan’s barker, announcing loudly that he is willing to fight any man or group of men at certain pre-established prices:

For 5 cp, “Lights Out” Sullivan will fight any man.
For 1 sp a head, “Lights Out” Sullivan will fight any 2-5 men.
For 1 ep a head, “Lights Out” Sullivan will fight any 6-9 men.
For 1 gp a head, “Lights Out” Sullivan will fight any 10-15 men.

No weapons allowed, no magic allowed. If even a single man is still standing against Lights Out Sullivan after 3 minutes, double your money back.

The offer is valid only for locals, as they wouldn’t want someone who’s already proven himself Sully’s better following them from town to town making money off him. (Truetongue will say it this way to give the impression that the locals have a chance. The real reason for the rule is they don’t want Big Sully to have to fight any experienced adventurers. Saying locals only means at worst he’ll have to fight some town guardsmen or another pugilist, but most of the time, just the blacksmith and maybe some drunks.).

In addition to the entry fees, Truetongue also takes bets on the fights. This is usually where they make the most cash – which Sully then blows drinking at the local inn. Big Sully says it’s strategic – going carousing with the people he just beat up smooths over any hard feelings and keeps his reputation positive, but Truetongue knows the big guy just like partying.

Truetongue’s chosen musical instrument is one of his own devising called the LOOTFLOOTE! Nobody but him seems to know how to play one.

Mr. Truetongue

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