Mr. Skullgaffin

Weapons Manufacturer and Evil Mastermind


Elias Skullgaffin rose to power by producing weapons of death, but his latest plans could destroy the entire planet.


Not much is known about Mr. Skullgaffin – except that his factories produce some of the deadliest weapons in the realm, and they seem to be infused with a necrotic energy.

The party first encountered Skullgaffin in his own factory, there they witnessed he had attained great power as a dark wizard and necromancer, employing demons to take the visage of workers and attack any intruders.

Some days later Berensir overheard a secret meeting between Skullgaffin and Cane, head of the Shadow Academy. Skullgaffin was creating a war, between dragon born and Imperials, he was also responsible for the kidnapping of Princess Corvyre and theft of her dragon fire crystal.

The party again encountered Skullgaffin in a buried pagan temple, interrupting a ritual where he planned to sacrifice Corvyre. Busty Mcfadden learned Cane was influencing other warlords and tyrants in the region including Vital, Born’s brother. She also learned Cane had some master plan that dealt with the enigmatic “wheel of law”.

Cane barely escaped the temple with the princess, through a magic portal. The party encountered Skullgaffin again in the heart of the red mountain mine. Having unfurled his evil plot they meant to sneak up on him – however he seems strangely aware of their presence.

Stern ultimately rejected the temptations and traps Skullgaffin left for him and used the necromancers own servants against him deep in the red mountain mine. The evil wizard escaped but was soon caught again by the party on the high hilltop of Agrona, where he was killed by Stern and ripped apart by a zombie horde.

Mr. Skullgaffin

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