Mika Murrowind

A druid who helped the Daytime Group enter Barovia


Mika Murrowind is a friend of Samhel the cleric. Together, the two of them conceived of a plan for the Daytime Group to enter the land of Barovia to recover the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind.


When the Daytime Group brought Bree to the temple of Ioun seeking divine aid in saving her and the half-minotaur child she carried, Samhel the cleric was unable to help directly. Instead, he introduced the group to Mika Murrowind, who told them that the legendary arch-vampire Strahd von Zarovich was in fact a real being.

Strahd, she said, had conquered the land of Barovia 300 years ago and ruled over it tyrannically ever since. Somewhere in that cursed country, a powerful artifact called the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind has been lost. This was a totem of the Raven Queen, goddess of death, and Mika believed that recovering it may sway the goddess into sparing Bree and the child.

When the party agreed that it was their best chance, Mika used her druid Tree Stride spell to transport them directly to Barovia. She then left them alone to quest for the Symbol.

Mika Murrowind

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