Melech is one of the desertkin, but will they still accept him?


Melech is a tiefling psion who lived as one of the Desertkin before defying the wishes of his tribal superior Tracker in order to join the heroes in their rescue of Stern.


The rest of the party met Melech as one of two Fesertkin (the other being Tracker) who came to Winterhaven in search of Kalarel, with whom they had unspecified business. Melech himself was not fully aware of the nature of the his people’s deal with Kalarel until, after helping the party defeat Kalarel and Orcus, Tracker suddenly kidnapped an exhausted Stern.

When given the choice to join his kinsman in the abduction or stay with the heroes, who would almost certainly distrust him, Melech chose to stay.

At this point he revealed that all he knew of he and Tracker’s mission was that they were to retrieve “The Blood From Kalarel.” He could not offer any explanation as to the true meaning of that phrase. Nonetheless, he cooperated with the other party members, leading them eastward as far as Worldend, where Tracker’s airship had crashed with Stern on board.

In the midst of the events that followed, Melech mysteriously disappeared, to reappear sometime later and help overthrow the Malvera’s with a fleet of airships.

Melech continued to help the party as they raced to rescue princess Corvyre outside of Kandahar, and he played a key role in deciphering the glyphs about the Wheel of Law. He disapeared within Skullgaffin’s underground temple and reappeared some days later in the blood mountain mine.

At first unseen by the party, Melech sabotaged the party’s efforts at progressing through the mine, and eventually faced them, with intent to kill. Wholly possessed by Skullgaffin’s dark power Melech would’ve posed a real threat to the party had Saul not quickly turned him into a toad and drop kicked him into a fiery portal leading to Orcus’s realm.

His current state and whereabouts are unknown (presumed dead).


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